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  1. Hey guys, First, @kratmel tnx for the offset tip I will take it in consideration. Second, @Joe Tauser, tomorrow I will try to simulate and connect HSO with HSC input and check the counting. I have 2xWCB2 and the I/O on the PLC, so I am covered for 3 counts. I am not sure if I can divide the HSO signal in the same time to input and to the drive hmm ? I will test it. But, when the counter reaches let say some target value, and I disable the PWM, is it going to be fast enough to stop it in the right count, or maybe there is some interrupt I can use ? This I will check tomorrow too. Third, in the coming week I will visit customer site to check for hardware limitations and take some photos. I will definitely check for possibility of installing limit switches for protection and as home position. Unfortunately it is a problem visiting this period because of the COVID-19, but I will try to arrange. Finally, @Ausman, tnx for the comment, I will check customer site and see what can we do and calculate costs. And for the braking part, it is expression, I am just cautious, although it is a strong stepper BR
  2. Hi kratmel, Yes I agree, working with analogue signals is much easier. But the parts (hardware) were already there... Now I have to figure out a way to work with what is given. Why do you think it will break eventually? In the example in visilogic I attached, I can get hold of the position with every turn, then (not included in example, but possible) I can store it in another variable and limit it so it wont go too far. However, lets see what can we do with UniLogic, or maybe I can go back to Visilogic and try to swap this configuration with another with my dealer. Tnx, BR
  3. I am beginning developing it. The frequency is not set yet, I wanted to make it variable. Max value would be around 10kHz (not necessarily it could be up to 2kHz). You think we can use the scan cycle to count the pulses using the rising edge on the output of the UDFB for PWM? But the program will get bigger for I have to control 3 HSO PWM valves for 3 lines. I also have 6 AI and 3 AO signals for other purposes. I just think that maybe best solution is to go back to VisiLogic at this early stage. Let me think this trough for the next 2 days. I will write again for sure. BR
  4. The valve is opened and closed via stepper motor, and I am trying to achieve a precise water flow measured from flowmeter. So the idea is like this, the pump starts pumping and I send "X" number of pulses in one direction so the valve is opening, (let say 2000 pulses/revolution). As the flow (from the flowmeter) is nearing the "set point" the number of pulses and frequency fall down (this I could achieve with linearization). If setpoint >= flow I change the direction. But I have to take in consideration the current position, which would give me the "Target value" in VisiLogic and store it and add and subtract from it with each turn. But If I cant get a hold of the position of the valve, there is a problem. If the motor keeps turning it will break the valve.. Tnx
  5. Tnx Joe, I will check it with my dealer. The point is to send certain number of pulses with known frequency and let say duty cycle 50.0% in order the stepper to open and close a valve. But for this I need the Target value that was present in VisiLogic. Is there another way in UniLogic to this somehow? BR
  6. Hi @Joe Tauser, I am wondering if there is a way to configure HSO as PWM output with Target value on UIS-WCB2 module. I made this post just now, so if you can reply on there. Thnx, BR
  7. Hi Martin, I am just getting to know how PWM works on Unistream. I too have UIS-WCB2 module and having trouble configure the PWM HSO. Did you set up a target value (for number of pulses sent), somehow in your project? How did you manage to work it out? Did you use a custom made function ? Tnx, BR
  8. Dear all, I have US5-B5-TA30 PLC with UIS-WCB2 modules and expansion adapter. I want to use PWM HSO for step control and set duty cycle, frequency and Target. In VisiLogic this was easy in HW Configuration setting High Speed Output (Step Control). In the attach you can find the example I made in VisiLogic. (LEVO - means left, DESNO - means right, on the display in the example). I am having troubles configuring the HSO on the WCB2 as PWM with target. I am relatively new to UniLogic, so please help. Thanks, BR HSO Proba - SAMBA.vlp
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