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  1. Thanks, I changed the language of the PLC and it works.
  2. I have an idea about the visibility tag for a HMI element. With this tag, we can allow displaying of the element and this is very useful. However, why not create an option to reverse this function. Which mean, the element is always displayed but when we SET the visibility tag it's disapear. It's just a reverse. We can compare this to NO and NC contact.
  3. Hey ! I have another question about alarms. When I set an alarm and reset after, I can acknowledge the default and it disapear. This is good. But, when I do an acknowledge on the currently alarmes, this one dissapear but is always SET. My question is : It is possible to acknowledge an alarm only and only when the BIT trigger is at 0 and not when it is at 1. Which mean, the alarm stay even we do an acknowledge if it's = 1. And when the BIT trigger = 0, we can acknowledge the alarm. Hoping it's posible Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone ! Currently, I use a Unistream PLC Built-in 5", the US5-B10-B1 and it's very nice to use ! However I have a question. I'm currently programming the alarms and i'd like to use the built-in alarms on Unilogic, but all the interface are in english even though the software is in French. Before creating this topic, i searched and found something but on Visilogic. Apparently, we can translate the text in the source files but I don't know where it is... Here the topic : It is posible on Unilogic to change the language of the alarms display ? Thanks !
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