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Hi Tejasvini;


The differences between   SI and MI

SI  - System integers  -- used by the PLC Operating system  to provide feedback on system process

          Also Date and time are here.

         Gives status of  Communications ( Modbus and Ethernet and so much more )

        Basically most are read only for programmer to monitor and use in the ladder ( Date and Time can be edited)

Anything starting with   S    SI, SB, SL,SDW   are system   variables.


MI  -- These are for you, the programmer to use in your progam as needed. 

Aslo   MB, ML, DW           --  These are backed up by the Battery, so on power loss, data is retained   ( There is an SB  for Battery Status )

XB,XI,XL  etc  are scratch pad variables for the programmer to use - you don't care if these get wiped on power fail.






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