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Use .Net communication driver.

If you create a PLC object then it has a Property called SD, which let you do some file actions with the SD Card.

Here is a code example, written long time ago, which has an SD Card explorer example, with its sources code.

https://downloads.unitronicsplc.com/Sites/plc/Visilogic/Programming tools for developers/SD Card Explorer Lite.zip



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good morning, I'm not very familiar with .NET projects. if anyone can help me. I just have to create an exe that downloads the FILE 02-29-2023 present in the EXCEL1 folder in the destination folder. I can't create the progressStatusChanged class. I don't need a form that displays the progressbar. Thanks in advance


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I did my own version of software to download files from n number of PLCS in the network over ethernet using the documentation @Saragani gave... there is a nice set of tools for developers but documentation is not as good and easy to understand as I would wanted.

@lorenso unlucky for you I no longer have acces to that program... and I don't have hardware to even try to re do something.

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It's not a class, it a delegate (a pointer to a function) where progressStatusChanged should be a function that returns void and gets RequestProgress requestProgress as parameter.

Looking at the code, I see that it can handle well progressStatusDelegate being null, so you can just pass null instead.

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  • MVP 2023

Doesn't the 8 character rule apply to everything on the SD?   Which in this case means the file name is too large and the PLC won't play?

Quote from Help:

Note ♦    Note that the main EXCEL folder and subfolders EXCEL0, EXCEL1, EXCEL2, EXCEL3 can each contain 64 files, for a total of 320 .csv files.
            ♦    The .csv file name cannot exceed 8 characters. It may include only English characters and numbers: 0 - 9, A - Z, a - z, and the underscore character "_".

cheers, Aus

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