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I have a program that I've been using for years. The hardware config is V1210- V200-18-E3XB (inputs are 0-17 outputs are 0-16) and EX-D16A3-TO16 (inputs are 32-47 outputs are 32-47). I want to use the same program, but instead of the EX module I  want to use IO-DI16 and IO-TO16. When I change the hardware config it assigns input 32-47 to IO-DI16 so I don't have to change anything on the program, but it assigns output 48-63 to IO-TO16. Is there any way to change this to output 32-47 or I have change all those outputs in the ladder? 

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Unfortunately, the numbering of the outputs and inputs of the PLC expansion modules is set according to the position of the module on the DIN rail.

There are two options for solving the problem in the case of using a different set of modules for the same program:

1) simply apply the vector replacement of the outputs that were in the previous configuration to the outputs that were used in the new configuration;


2) always use the rule - copy all input signals into a vector of intermediate variables and apply them in the program. At the same time, process all output signals in the ladder code as intermediate variables, and then, if necessary, copy their values as a vector to the outputs of the required modules.


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