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How can I use Memory bits (Merkers)?

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ciao @altijdsoldaat

maybe I am misunderstoonding your question but in the UNILOGIC IDE all variables are tagged by "name" and not by "memory block"...both for global (retained or not) and local variables; so you can create a variable called "myVariable" and call this in every place of the project...also for array or struct...

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In UniLogic there is no pre-defined  memory bit  structure.

        All  individual  Variables are defined as  tags.

When you  create and define the tag, you select  what is is - Boolean( a Bit)  Byute, Integer, etc.

     So you create the Memory Bits.

You can create arrays of Bits, or use Bits in Structs, and more.

Under  System Tags you will see system "tags"( variables) defined as Boolean(Bits)

In VisiLogic   and U90 Ladder   -The memory structure is rigid and there are specificly defined  Memory Bits  - MB0- MBxx.

UniLogic  is much more flexible in how tags ar defined.



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