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SD card explorer - Number of files limit


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I am using 1GB SD card on V570 as a data logger. In my application CSV filesare saved in SD card "EXEL" folders. Each folder can save up to 64files and there is no problem with that. (I can see there are 64 files using the HMI "Brows SD" function, or with my laptop Card reader.)

The problem is that with SD card explorer utility, only 60 files are visible in the main "EXEL" folder. No such

a problem with all other sub-folders (EXEL1, EXEL2…)

Probably this is concerned with the existents of the four sub-folders inthe main folder, but this situation is preventing using maximum file capacity storage.

Any help?

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Indeed you are right. When using the Root folder you can view up to 60 files using SD card explorer due to the 4 sub folders.

As you mentioned also there is an option to view more than 60 files using the variable “Browse SD content”.

The reason why there is no option to view more than 64 files/folders usin SD card explorer is due to the fact that the communication buffer for files table is limited to 512 bytes. (64 files/folder names * 8)

8 is the file name length.

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