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I have 2 weeks to deal with model Jazz

And my purpose is to put another 120 itself, and then networking to watch from afar.

And I found the following problem. We can draw percentages percent but do not know how.


One machine is plugged in, 1 hour, but its output is only 45 minutes.

The measurement is done in secont. So we

2700/3600 = 0.75 × 100 = 75% was the performance of this who was handling.

How can you visualize it;;;;

Sorry for my English, I have given you to understand!

Thank you.

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Thank emil.

And a second question.

I have a measurement. Where should the counter greater than 32000 can reach up to 999,999 thousand pulses overall. The math I do is: Spins a shaft / 391

1 revolution = 1 pulse for 1 min = 240 pulse and 1 hour 240 X 60 = 14400 Imagine the number to 8 hours.

In those 8 hours I need to know the number of revolutions made by the axis to calculate the production of the machine in action. ( Meters / 8 Hours )

thanks, all

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