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Invalid Serial Number

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I have an inquiry into support for this but figured I would post here also. I just upgraded a modular Unistream (USP-156-B10)  from version 1.24.21 to 1.34.78 and now get an Invalid Serial Number message when controller reboots. The CPU is in stop mode also. I am able to enter Uniapps and toggle to run mode but my customer will not have access to Uniapps.  I appreciate any help in advance, 


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I would suggest to contact Support. I had an issue once with a new UniStream that gave me "Invalid MAC Address" msg on power-up.  Same thing with the CPU being in stop mode. Tech support had to do a remote connection through my laptop to fix the issue. It was quite involved and not something that could have been solved simply by providing instructions to follow.

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