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  1. Currently have an email in to support but figured I’d try here too. I have been experiencing the CPU Error message occasionally on a couple Unistream 15”. Customer says it’s happened 4x over a few months. It would be great to know why it happens but it seems pretty random. I was wondering what the sequence of operations is when it occurs. There are the three choices of reboot, ignore, or switch to run mode. What mode is it in when the message appears? I would assume stop mode but Pump still runs in my application. Is the Unistream awaiting a choice of the three options or will it eventually revert to stop mode after a certain time? All of my firmware is correct with the Unilogic software btw. The two units that have been exhibiting this error are using version 1.28.34 and 1.26
  2. Try going to project in the toolbar. Then options. Then try unchecking ping on discovery
  3. I do not allow user access to Uniapps. Long ago I inquired about guest access to Uniapps where certain selected functionalities could be allowed.
  4. I see that there is an email configurator widget to edit where emails get sent. How about a widget to configure e?mail account settings so a user can change configuration without reprogramming through Unilogic
  5. I would like to allow someone to edit their panel IP, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS through the HMI instead of UniApps. I provided IP address edit boxes on the HMI and linked them to the appropriate functions and unchecked the read only box. It doesn’t work, the addresses revert to the ones in UniApps. Am I missing something?
  6. I recently bought the gateway and want to know if anyone can recommend some type of Bacnet simulator to test it. Thx for any and all replies
  7. I had the same issue when I tried deleting. A reboot of the PLC cured it if I remember
  8. Is Wi-Fi still on the "to do" list?
  9. Is it possible on initiate a screenshot through ladder logic or is only possible through UniApps?
  10. Is there any way to change the status of bits in an indexed data table without using the data table editor in uniapps, online mode or the widget. I was hoping I could use the write to column function with 1 or 0 but it doesn't work.
  11. No, not my first project. I have not been grounding the 0V either but noticed the other day when testing my program with a 4-20 calibrator that my inputs were sweeping up and down, about 1/2 mA total. My calibrator output is rock solid since I checked it with a separate meter. When I grounded the 0V on the power supply the sweeping stopped and the input was rock solid. I guess its dependent on the bonding in the building the PLC is installed in and I should handle it on a case by case basis?
  12. Should I be grounding the power supply 0V. The wiring guidelines for the modules suggest that it should be earthed. I have seen many arguments for and against
  13. It was the first time I tried writing data tables over the internet.
  14. Correct. I could download the program and go online but when I tried to write the data tables it wouldn't connect
  15. Was able to load via recipe. Disregard
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