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UniLogic Date-to-String or Numeric-to-String?

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I can't for the love of me found how to convert a RTC date into a string, to keep it in a data table or a struct.

Timestamping! How is it possible in UniLogic?

Can I somehow pack the RTC into a string like "26/Sep/2014" and store that string or RTC Struct in a data table? Or is there some special kind of struct I can use for this?

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3 minutes ago, kvlada said:

There must be something  similar in Unilogic.

There is not.  There are quite a few functions in Vision that don't exist in UniStream.   PWM and Linearize Array immediately come to mind.

The thing about a function in Vision is you don't know what the assembly code looks like under the hood to get that function to work.  We got spoiled by some of that stuff.

Here's the RTC to ASCII udfb I lifted from the example programs.  Looking through it gives us an indicator of what kind of somersaults the Vision programmers performed for that function.  You can call it overkill if you wish.  But it does work.

Joe T.

RTC to ASCII V2.ulle

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