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Exchanging V530 for V570

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Good day!

We have a Vision-530 PLC with a working program inside. We want to change V530 for V570 but don't have the source project - *.vlp.

When we try to upload the project, the message issues:

"This project cannot be uploaded because:

- the option Burn Upload Project was not selected when the project was downloaded,


- due to incomplete data in the PLC"

Is there any ways to resolve our task?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Maxim,

Unfortunately you will not be able to upload a program from a PLC unless you chose the "Burn upload project" setting when you downloaded the program, otherwise upload will not be possible. Sorry for the bad news, hopefully you will be able to find the original .vlp sad.gif



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V530 is standard Vision model. There, by default thhe application (*.vlp file) is downloaded and burned. But,in VisiLogic > Project menu > Properties > Download you have option to disable Upload project. It sems this was the case.

As once Dung Syao Ping said: "It's very difficult to catch black cat in dark room. Especially if thhe cat is not there". In your case the "cat" (read - the project) is not "there"...

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As a side question. EIven if the stars were aligned properly on the download this still would not work ....would it? The V530 is black and white and it would not allow its programming to go from a "Standard" vision to an "Enhanced" vision hardware platform (and a color screen not B&W) even if the program were not blocked.

Thank You


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  • MVP 2014

Hi Keith,

It is possible to convert a V530 project to V570. There are a small number of HMI items that don't convert directly, but in general it converts OK and the objects are given default colours (dark blue background, light-blue foreground). Ladder is converted without changes.

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