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How to get the PLC's IP address without using indirect addressing ?

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Hi there i am having a little trouble trying to find the IP address in my controllers memory; i am conecting via ethernet using a V350 and i am entering the IP address directly in the TCP/IP CARD INIT function block but the deal is that i want to show the current address in my HMI so i looked all over the SI,SDW,MI's etc and try to see where in the memory of the controller is the address stored but i couldn't find it, and if i co to the configuration directly in my controller i can see the MAC address and also the IP address so i suposse it has to be stored somewhere in the memory but i don't know where... If any of you guys know where it is i would aprecieate your coments o e-mails as well.

Thank you and have a good day.

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Hi Newbee here - I have successfully configured my V700 to receive a REMOTE call via TCP/IP - I have tried to use the IP to ASCII function and display on the HMI with ASCII String.

I must be missing out on something.  I have hard coded the internal IP Address of via the  TCP/IP CARD INIT Function.  Does the IP to ASCII function assume that I had stored my Internal IP address in a  MI ? I may have answered my own question  :/ .. if I hardcoded the IP address .. I may as well just DISPLAY the same address on the HMI.

BTW Loving the Unitronics V700 and VISILOGIC ..

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