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What is the possibility to have the PLC call out using voip? I have installed a V130 in a greenhouse/ nursery. and they need an alarm if the temperature drops to cold so their plants do not freeze. There old system had a sensaphone on it that would call him and let him know. I was planning to just use the email feature, but he says he needs something that would wake him up out of deep sleep. A phone ringing would do that.

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The PLC doesn't support VoIP, but it could certainly trigger the old Sensaphone to dial out using a PSTN to VoIP converter.

Do a Google search on Cisco's SPA3102 - I found one on Amazon for $67. It may provide the solution you are looking for. When a customer starts making special requests it usually adds to the cost of the system.

Joe T.

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You can connect GSM modem. We recommend our GSM kit, which includes Enfora modem and all accessories around ot make connection fast and easy. Anyway, we support another few brands of GSM modems.

Having GSM modem, you can easilly program it both to call preprogrammed numbers and to send SMS.

Som of our users alreqady did similar alarm systems. They are programmed to call number for few seconds. The person who receives the call sends back SMS, let's say with word "STATUS" (any other mesage can be programmed) and receive SMS with variables, which state the problem. If there is no "Status" SMS for some time, the controller calls next person in charge...

Just idea...

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