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Stepper control with JZ 10 11 P15

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I am trying to run a Stepper Motor with driver and power supply with a JZ 10 11 P15

Things I know Output 5 is HSO, MI 2 is HSO Freq, MI 3 is HSO PWM, MB3 is Enable bit

I tried some things with the sample program (Stepper Motor vis HSO)

Question Is SI 16, 17, and 18 valid with P15 ?

As you can tell I am a Beginner- I have had success with timers, counters, relays, Access code etc.

I just want to run the stepper for 3 revs and stop.


Jack Hoffa

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The PNP outputs on the JZ20-UA24  are not set up for high speed outputs.

There is an example program for the JZ20-T1 which apparently can do a High Speed output when setup properly.

Consider stepping up to a SAMBA   SM35-J-TA24.  This unit has the HSO Functions- with step control - as well as Analog In and Out.

   Will cost more, but save a lot of  time and effort(grief) attempting with the JAZZ, and get a color screen as well.




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