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Please few advices...

i use V130-33-T30 and PWM output.

My main voltage is 24 Vdc, and i need 50% of the main voltage = 12 Vdc output for LED, just for test PWM.

So i use PWM output O0 with next parameters:

Frequency 50Hz(20msec), so i use MI0=8 ( 8 x base 2.5msec = 20 msec)

Duty Cycle 50%, so i use MI1=500 ( 500 x base 0.1% = 50 %)

Run = MB0

So when i set MB=1, i get unstable output from 10.9V to 12.8V, it is not a constant output voltage, it is very unstable.

Am i doing something wrong , or ...??

Please, any advice will be very helpfull!!

Thank You very much,

best regards!

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  • MVP 2023

You're generating an AC signal. The way you get a stable DC signal from an AC signal is to add a filter capacitor and a load resistor. You'll have to play with the values until you get the DC level you want. Do a Google search on "sizing a filter capacitor" for some ideas on the calculations involved.

Joe T.

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