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I've got a V570 and when I install the SD card it does not get recognized by the controller. I formatted it using the SD Card Suite, Tools Formatter without problem. I can see the card when I read it on my PC and the file structure seems to be there as expected. This is a 2G card.

Any Ideas on what may be the problem?


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What sort of card reader sis you use?

There have been problems using built-in readers in laptops, for example. Do you have an alternative plug-in USB card reader that you can try?

Also double check that you have the latest version of SD Card Suite, just to rule out any issues with that.

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If the card is relatively old and probably is formatted to FAT16. Sometimes, in some computers, Windows formatter, which we use in our SD Suite, even when set to format as FAT32, remain the card in FAT16 and even don’t give any sign about the problem.

Please try to format the card in other computers, or try the formatter of Panasonic http://panasonic.jp/support/global/cs/sd/download/sd_formatter20.html

(After formatting with Panasonic, format again using Unitronics SD card formatter)

Make sure that you are using the latest SD Card suite.(Download)

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Last time a lot of peoples comply at different forums about CD cards of wrong capacity from e-bay and other internet stores.

As a first step, I recommend you to check your SD card for real capacity.

Simple check will be done by program, which you can download from following link:


* This link is for information purpose only. I have no responcibility about any side effects. You will use this software at your own rick.

If this software indicate wrong capacity - you CD card cannot be used with OPLC, and should be replaced.


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