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MI's Being Overwritten?


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I'm in the process of programing a Jaz JZ-11-UA24 and am new to this language, hence would appreciate some help.

I have defined a number of memory integers, some with default power-up values. Several of the MI's behave as I would expect but several don't. When I put the unit into debug mode and look at their values the current value is the same as the MI's number i.e. MI3's current value would be 3 and MI4's current value would be 4 and so on. This despite those MI's having powerup values defined and not being called anywhere else in the ladder? Can anyone explain why these few MI's behave like this.

Many Thanks


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Hi Skye,

To investigate this download an empty application to the controller.

Then, initializing the controller to clear the values of all the operands. To do this go to Controller menu and choose M90 OPLC Settings. Click on Clear MB & MI.

Go to On-line mode and check the values of the operands in question.

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