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Webserver app address usage

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  • MVP 2023

Based on the descriptors in the webserver app, I've compiled the addresses it uses. Do not use these in your application if you're going to import another app into it, or change them before you do.

T 0

MB 0

MI 0-2, 4, 49, 68, 69, 78-89, 108, 142, 147, 250-259, 1000-1349

ML 0-10

DW 0-2

XB 0-59

XI all used

XL 0-162, 167, 182-203

XDW 0, 5

Like everything I do, I figured this out the hard way.

Joe T.

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  • MVP 2023


The descriptor on I0 and O0 is "Vector Load", which tells me they are scanning them and not writing to them, so I didn't include them in my list. I am currently porting an application to the webserver that uses the inputs, so if there are any problems I will be quick to report them.

Joe T.

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