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Unitronics V570 to Red Lion Data Station Over RS232

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I'm trying to get a Unitronics V570 to communicate to a Red Lion Data Station Plus over RS232. The documentation seems to only talk about RS485 and Ethernet, but Red lion Crimson lets me set up the driver on the RS232 port. Unfortunately, I need the RS485 on the Red Lion for something else...


RED LION RS232 V570 Port 2

RX (2) - (3) TXD

TX (5) - (4) RXD

GND(3) - (5) GND

On the Red Lion, I set it up for PCOM ASCII protocol 9600,8,N,1

On the Unitronics, I do a COM INIT on Power Up for COM2.

They just don't talk. I see the transmit light blink on the Red Lion, but nothing on the receive.

Anybody else tried this successfully?

Thanks for your time,


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It works for me using all the same settings and the same wiring you show.

Make sure your dip-switches for com2 on the V570 are set to RS232 and not RS485. It should go Up, Up, Up, Down, Up, Down {up=on dn=off}

Re-check your wiring. These little RJ11 jacks are easy to transpose. In the Installation manual for the V570 they show the pins in order 1-6, but the picture is rotated so 1 starts at the bottom and 6 is at the top.

If you want, post your files and I can take a quick scan to see if I spot any program/config issues.

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Nacho, the wiring he lists in his post is correct. The document you linked is for a different protocol and talking to an M90 series controller.

I don't understand you, the protocol of the document is PCOM ASCII, Either M90 or Vision. Red Lion just says that Verified Device was a M90-19-B1A

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They have a separate document related to the M90 series


The driver tested with the Vision series is


The difference in the cabling is only that on one they show the direct connection between the two whereas on the other they show it using an intermediate RJ to 9pin cable in between.

I believe the driver labeled "Master" is the one required for the M90, and "PCOM ASCII Master" for Vision. See below...

In any event, I was able to get it working fine with the same setup in his original post.

Uni RedLion

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Yup. Works great now. Funny thing. It wasn't working and then I went to the serial port monitor and it starting working. It could be I had a bad connection on the RJ connector and bumped it coincidentally.

It would be nice if Red Lion updated their documentation for other Unitronics controllers.

I'm using the Red Lion DSPLE000 which works great for converting Unitronics protocol to just about any other device you'd want to talk to. Price isn't bad either at around $600 CDN (for how powerful it is).

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