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VisiLogic software version: 8.6.1

PLC: V570 series

I use string library to create 2 languages (English and French). On the VisiLogic software, HMI, display screens I see most of the time second language description I enter.

This is software bug or it is a reason for it?

How to make it that on source code (HMI displays) I will see first language?


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VisiLogic HMI editor displays the longest string. This will help you otp design properly the displays and avoid situation, when there will be no enough space for the text in specific language.


The software (VisiLogic) has way to force display one language? What if both texts are the same length? Is space counts?


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It would be nice if this could be handled a little differently. Perhaps through a preference setting. Or we could choose to always have the editor display in English but VisiLogic would give us another warning if the size was inappropriate for any of the languages.

I have an application with well over 100 displays. It currently has 4 languages (more to be added soon) and one of the languages is Russian. The Russian language is very frequently the longest string and so it's quite difficult for me to know what I'm looking at in VisiLogic. Spanish is hard enough but at least the alphabet is the same as English. With Russion, it's impossible for me to distinguish one phrase or word from another.

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