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Hi. I'm working on a consulting project on a unitronics vision 350 device ; specifically, driving it from an external device.

I've successfully gotten PCOM over ethernet to dump some bits, but the problem that I have is that the PCOM description is extremely vague - for example, it has "Read system integers","write system timers", etc. without really describing what those system timers map to, what their function is in the system.

There is some amount of information in the "Visilogic" software manual, but not really what I need. The visilogic manual defines the system variables and what they do, and gives a hint as to the other variables - specifically, how many there are of each class, but it doesn't actually define what those registers map to in the system. Does this depend on the v350 program itself and how it utilizes registers, or is there just some piece of documentation that I'm completely missing.



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H Sean,

Can you point me where you found "write system timers"? I searched in the documetn, but didn't fins such command.

In general, I think you need to start from opposite side. You just need to know which kind of informaiton you want to transfer in your communication and then to search where this information is located and how to transfer it. Knowing that, it will be much easier to point you to the right source of information and to provide you with the relevant help.

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