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PCOM Writes to plc not happening


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Using UnCmDrv1 in Excel I can read all day long all the data I need for Integers, Longs and bools.

But, when I try to write , nothing happens.

Using the V1040 'info mode' : Ethernet Monitor, I can see the data when it is read, and also the stats with "parameter Summarize".

When trying to write, the port on the V1040 does open, but no packet data counter change. This leads me to beleive that PC end is the problem.

The write portion of my program is exactly like the read porition:

Call mComDriver.Read_MemIntegers(aLocation, 1, iMI, 0) ' GET INTEGER

theValue = iMI(0)

and for writting:

iMI(0) = theValue

Call mComDriver.Write_MemIntegers(aLocation, 1, iMI, 0) ' PUT INTEGER

So, does this function even work ? Is there some other "With mComDriver" field I have to set to write ?

Cannot find ANY documentation for the UnCmDrv1.xxxx functions.

Please help !



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"So, does this function even work ?"


I'm not seeing anything wrong with the request you have made. If you are using ethernet then you can use WireShark to sniff the communication packets and see what the PC sends.

If you are using serial port, then there are programs like "Serial Monitor" that can listen to your serial port communication.

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