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Hi All

I am working on a V1040 at present and have a small problem with the display.

I have placed a background picture on the display.

This consists of just a pattern to improve how the display looks.

When I use the hide MB to hide some buttons or objects I would expect to see the only the pattern behind where the button / image was.

Instead I see original plain background color of the display.

Is there any way I can use the hide object function when I am not using a Unitronics background?



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No - this is one of many limitation of Unitronics HMI.

My solution for this is using boolean or value pictures and set this value to pseudo-hide this buttons (a picture with slice of background). Problem if you trying to hide some MIs or something like this. I don't known how to bypaqss this.

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Hi sgull,

For buttons, don't use Hide - use Disable. The button remains, but is "grayed out" and will not respond to touch. This is my go-to approach, since having objects vanish from the screen tends to wreck the "flow" of the screen. Additionally, it lets the operator know there is something they could be doing, but are not allowed to at this time, rather than having an option vanish altogether, which in my experience leads to alot of "Hey, you left this out" - type remarks.

Depending on the need, you can put a frame around the object. Choose a background color that matches the frame, and when hide is set, the button disappears but the frame remains, blending the background color. Of course the screen real estate is still lost, but then, we can't re-arrange screen objects on-the-fly anyway. Never saw an HMI that actually could.

Which incidentally brings us to creating a duplicate page with the object removed and the rest of the screen arranged accordingly. In some ways, this is more elegant, but it is a memory hog.

Overall, it would be better if Hide rendered the object truly transparent, not just swamped out with the background color. Perhaps it will be addressed in the future.

Best of Luck,


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