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Small Package Boiler

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Finished this small package boiler project a year ago now. Boiler has been running great since then. The boiler is 2.1 MW producing 3,000 kg/hr of steam at 10 bar. The PLC is a V1040 with Modbus comms to a Siemens LMV52 burner manager. The system includes a GSM modem for alarm SMS messaging. The client is very happy with the plant.







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Very nice installations on both your small and large boiler projects. Weishaupt burner have allways been very attractive and you did a great job with the artwork repsenting them oun your screens. I did not see a flame safeguard in your control panel I assume that it is inside the Weishaupt housing. I was curious what type was used. I think I see Siemens servos for an LMV51 or LMV52 but I could not really tell.

I am really impressed by how professional your valves, burner, and vessle art is done. I try, but when it comes to artwork I have no capabilities and all my stuff turns out looking cartoon looking.

Congratulations on a great set of projects.


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Hi Kieth

Thanks for your comments. The burners are actually Oilon not Weishaupt. I have used Weishaupt burners for many years in the last company I worked for (they have the agency in New Zealand) and actually had training in their factory Schwendi, Germany. It's generally accepted that Weishaupt make the best burners in the world and from my experience I would generally agree. The smaller oilon burners are also very good but don't have the polish of the Weishaupt burners. The Oilon burner used in the large boiler I would argue is better than a Weishaupt of equal size. I was very impressed during commissioning on how well in performed.

You are spot on with the flame safeguard. There is a Siemens LMV52 mounted in the burner. I have been using theses for years and they are excellent. These burners have VSD fan speed control and O2 trim. I have the V1040 connected to the AZL (HMI for the LMV5x) with RS232 and retrieve data via modbus.

The small boiler was my first Unitronics project and the large boiler is my second. I am hopeless at drawing but with the right software a seem to be able to make something presentable. I use AutoCAD for vector graphics (and for electrical schematics) and Paint.net for rendering. A basically start off with a 800 x 600 canvas and then build all my graphics in layers. I then flatten this image and use it as a background. I can then just cut out parts of it to create variable images and colour them to suit. I try to work with images at the exact scale they will be used on the PLC so that scaling is not required. Scaling messes up the graphics at these resolutions. I have learnt a lot over the last 18 months.



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