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Monitoring UniOPC Tags

Raymond Santiago

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Hi to all,

Is there a way to monitor the tag values in UniOPC?

I can communicate the v350 to its visilogic simulator and view all the tag values, but I need to know if the UniOPC sees the value and pass it to the SCADA connected. My problem is that the SCADA(iconics) always show an uncertain quality and a value of zero which is not the real value. Now, I would like to eliminate if my registration in SCADA is wrong or I have a problem in UniOPC(does not submit the value to SCADA).

Whenever the SCADA run, it successfully add the tags I registered, but in SCADA software, I cant obtain the PLC value. Any idea of this problem, I also use OPC Quick client to test the V351 tag value but the Tag quality status is Bad, and the values are all 0. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hoping someone could help me on this.

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  • MVP 2014

Hi Raymond,

I did a quick test with a V280.

I used an OPC test client from Automated Solutions (www.automatedsolutions.com). It's one that I have had for a while, and I can't find it on their website, so here is another one that looks more current:

http://www.matrikono...ndex.aspx. The test client can make it quicker to set up and change OPC tags, and see the real-time value. They are still looking at the same data your main SCADA looks at.

Make sure you use the correct format. In UniOPC I called my PLC "V280". So in the test client to monitor RTC I used the tag


Since the OPC Server does not have a box to test PLC comm settings, go to the PLC built-in COM port sniffer and check if there is traffic when you are querying data (I can't (easily) do this on my V280, since it doesn't have that feature).

I hope this helps.

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Hi Simon,

Sorry for the late response. I already used the software and found out that the SCADA that I am using creates different copy of the UniOPC server, one for the Main interface-GUI(always have the OPLC value), one for the Historical Trend and the other is for alarm. I also tried to configure the DCOM setting of UniOPC identity into "Interactive user" but it keeps on turning back to "Launching user". The behaviour is very unstable, that sometime a combination of it works, but most of the time only GUI is working fine.

I also managed to work the 3 all together but when I restart the computer, it goes back to the same problem that only GUI gets the OPLC value, and worse, I can get this working combination behaviour in XP and 2003 server, but the client runs Win7 which I can only make the GUI work fine but not the Trends and Alarms. Any idea on this?

By the way, thank you very much Simon for the advice to use a test client, it helps me to troubleshoot the connection of the PLC.

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