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Jazz and protection

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I wonder what I can do to protect the software in the Jazz plc.  I would like to:

-disable all communication through the com port

-secure the Info menu with password

-make the time that is needed to enter the info menu longer

I did this kind of stuff on the v570, but what is possible on the Jazz??

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Disabling communication is impossible.

You can set a password to info mode - When using M91/Jazz controllers you can set Info password to the System only and this password related to SI179.

Note that when you enter a new password to SI179 you will not able to see it via the U90ladder and the value of SI179 will always show 0.

The time it takes to enter Info Mode is determined by SI178.

If you will set SI178 to 0 – there will be no option to go into info mode.

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In Fact - you can disable communication. The way is very "brutal". You can activate COM setttings - instead with SB2 condition - every scan. This will block the port and the only way ot communicate will be after stop the controller.

BTW - the password in Jazz protects only System menu - not the whole Info mode. But only in System menu you are allowed to make any changes. Other menues are "view only.

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