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String "Trigger" Link

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After years of working with Unitronics Vision PLCs, I'm still at a loss to understand the "Trigger" link that is necessary for the ASCII String Variable. The Help files says: "Display String 'Trigger'. When the linked MB turns ON, the string will be displayed." But the linked MB appears to have absolutely no effect. What does this MB do and how should it be handled in the ladder?

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In general, Vision OS is updating the screen. This "refresh" is slower than the scan time. If one wants to see the new string "immediatelly", he can activate on Laddeer this bit and the new string will be displayed at the end of the same scan.

As the human eye can difer immages with rate of 0.1 second and usually the refresh rate of display is shorter, it's difficullt to "see" the effect of this bit. It's used very rare, in very specific cases.

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