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Reading Output Coils via Modbus

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I work via Kepware.

5 digit addressing vs. 6 digit addressing.

In my case O50 (Unitronics) => 005051 (KepServer). Its work.

For example: MI18(Unitronics) =>400019 (KepServer)

ML4(Unitronics) =>405109 (KepServer) (must calculate addres according to type).

Very bad that is not table transformation addresses (SI,SB,O,I,T etc to Modbus addresses via KepServer)


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What you've found with Kepware actually makes sense. Kepware is following the strict Modbus addressing scheme, which starts counting at 1. Unitronics starts counting at 0, so you have to add 1 to all your address requests.

I've run into this before. I know it's a pain in the butt, but that's the way it is.

Cara - it would be good if the Modbus Slave Addressing tables Help were updated to include an example of working with SCADA Modbus packages.

Joe T.

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