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Ethernet/IP Native Support


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We are preparing for a large project where I would like to use Unitronics as the local MMI and back-up pump control. I have already evaluated the V1210 with some IO and linked it to a CompactLogix using ModbusTCP (the CompactLogix nows supports that in code). We are also considering using DNP3 as the communications to the host. If I go that route I will have to support 3 types of communications methods in the PLC. It would be nice for Unitronics to support either Ethernet/IP or DNP3 over IP. I also considered the MicroLogix 1400 for the PLC but it only supports either ModbusTCP or DNP3/IP you cannot do both. I prefer this all be Ethernet. Since this is the wishlist forum, those are my wishes. Anyone else like these suggestions?

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