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I'am just getting started with Visilogic, about 1 week into my first project, I have a V1210 and version 9.5.0

I have a need to display and enter very small numbers in scientific notation, example: (3.2 x 10-9) I don't see any options for this.

Is it possible to easily do this? if so could somebody point me in right direction?

I did do ladder programming about 30 years ago and this is very different!

I have learned alot by reading this forum so I would like to thank you all.

Thanks to anybody than can help

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  • MVP 2023

Scientific notation is not a standard entry method on a Unitronics on-screen keyboard. You will need to use floating point numbers (type MF).

If the exponent is always going to be the same you may want to make it easier on yourself and only enter the significand on the screen into a buffer variable. You could then divide this by a number to get the exponent you need.

Joe T.

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