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Good day to everyone!

Got an issue trying connect to v1040-t20b via modbus serial.

I'm initiating data exchange through usb port (and starting to realize that, eventually, there is no any response from Uni, 'cause com1 supports only PCOM). Than i looked through info mode menu: com1 - pcom, com2 - pcom, com3 - modbus. And at the side panel there are port1 and port2 only. So, there is no such as 'port3' or... com3. How can i configure usb port to recognize modbus commands?

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The Modbus should work via the USB port/COM1.

However you need to initialise the PLC as a Modbus slave, regardless of what port you use.

This needs a Modbus Config block and a Modbus Scan block (in general terms).

Check the Examples in the help menu for Modbus slave for the exact details. You won't find one written directly for the V1040, but use the one provided and convert it to a V1040 project. The display will look a little odd, but the logic should work fine. Just make sure the Modbus configuration is configured for COM1.

I hope this helps.

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