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Iam new here, recently i started use Unitronics for my projects, so i have question.


1. Can i use PWM FB  for not-high speed digital output?


I want control heater. Cycle time will be about 10s, duty cycle depends from PID output.



I read examples, some forum threads..but i did not found accurate answer .



Iam asking for a help.


Best regards

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Hi Martinas,

In FB PWM cycle time is given in ticks of 2.5 ms. There is no theoretical limit for number of ticks and this way - the sycle time. For example - you can srt cycle time 4000 ticks of 2.5 ms, wich means it will be 10 seconds. You can drive any digital output from FB PWM, including relay.

I hope thhis answers your quesiton.

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 You wana  say 2.5 ms its system scan time?




 for example if i give 4000 units (cycle time) and 500 units ( duty cycle), then system will understood  that i want scan 4000 times  and 50% of scans will have  value 1 in memory bit?



Thanks for your response


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