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All empty HMI element links filled in with MB 524

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Hi there,
After trying to compile a project I have been working on it suddenly came up with 600+ errors.
All of the errors were of the form "'element name' can not have both 'Touch' and 'Hide' linked to the same operand".
After looking at a few of the elements affected it was clear that every single element in my project had all of its empty links set to MB 524.
Up until a couple of days ago, my project compiled and downloaded successfully.
Now there are 3306 instances of MB 524 in my project.
For example:
The "Links" section on a binary text variable.
                  Before       After
Link:             MB 1069      MB 1069
Hide:                          MB 524
Disable view:                  MB 524
Marking view:                  MB 524
Legal entry:                   MB 524
Touch:                         MB 524


I am using VisiLogic Version 9.5.0 Build 0

I am not sure if this is a bug I have found or something I could have caused.

Either way, I would appreciate any help figuring out how to remove MB 524 from every link so I can compile my project. (I would prefer not to have to manually remove all 3306 instances)


Please let me know if there is any additional information I could provide in resolving this issue.

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This just happened to me, exactly the same way. Every link in every screen object that did not already have a value in it got the same address (mine was MB1020) It was a result of doing a find and replace to multiple MB operands. I sent it to tech support, and they did clean it up for me. However, they never responded to my question of what happened and how to prevent it again. I have since had some additional, but far less catastrophic, problems with operand find and replace. In one case, an MI got replaced by an MB, definitely NOT what I had specified. I believe there is a major issue with the Visilogic find and replace function.

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