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SD Card Explorer - Corrupting Files / Card


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I seem to be having problems with SD Card Explorer.

I am doing some writing to CSV in a v120.  I use SD Card Explorer to intermittently grab or delete files from the SD Card remotely, as I am in the process of debugging the logging functionality I've written.

Not only does SD Card Explorer seem to crash quite often, I occasionally have to reformat the card after accessing it remotely.
The problems that occur are:

Card become unreadable by the v120 and SD Card Explorer / PLC fails to detect an SD card in place.
Duplicate files.
Writing to CSV simply fails to write from the PLC.

I left the PLC application logging overnight with no problems, yet when I access through SD Card Explorer the next day, after 4 or 5 transactions, the SD card needs to be reformatted.

Has anyone experience similar problems? 



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First:  My mistake, I am using a v130!

I'm unsure if the failure occurs while the PLC is writing to the SD card, or if the act of reading from the SD card over Ethernet to my computer (Using SD Explorer) is causing the problem.  Either way, I only discover something is wrong when I try and access the SD card via my PC.

Also an interesting thing I have seen that I forgot to mention, is sometimes folders will disappear.  When I originally format the SD card using the Card Manager, the Excel folder is filled with folders Excel 1, Excel 2, Excel 3, and Excel 4.
Sometimes when I got online with the card in Explorer, 1 or 2 of these folders are missing.


Another symptom is duplicate named files showing in the directory. I cannot delete edit or move these, and the only way to fix is to reformat.

I am only writing CSV files to the root Excel folder and no other transactions are occurring.  I am not emailing any data either.

My PLC OS version is 3.006.14 (Jul 9 2012) with the T38 option.

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The symptoms you describe suggest that the FAT is being corrupted.


Please try reading the files while the PLC is not writing/reading or trying to write/read anything to the SD Card. Please tell me if the files got corrupted.

Then made the PLC read files while you also read them using SD Card Explorer... Again tell me if the files got corrupted.


Finally make the test while writing files to the SD and tell me if the files got corrupted.



This information might help to understand and reproduce the problem here in our labs and find the cause of the problems.




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