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SD Card Manager: Access to Path Denied


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I have a customer who is unable to use the SD Card Manager to access the trend data on his SD Card.  He emailed me the .UTR file, and I was able to access the data by saving the file on my computer, and using "Import SD Folder".  I navigated to the .UTR file location on my computer and although I was greeted by a message saying something like, "Unable to Access Data: File may not contain any data samples", after clicking OK on this message dialog, the software not only automatically displayed the data, but seemed to automatically create an Excel file as well.  This was handy, I suppose, since I wanted an Excel file, but I assumed I would first have to display the data in the SD Card Manager, then use Export to Excel in order to view the data in Excel.  Regardless, the data is there and appears accurate.


Onto the main the topic: My customer has not been able to reproduce what I described above.  When he opens the software, the "Import SD Folder" icon is greyed out.  I assumed that he needed to create a new project first.  When he presses "New", the "New SD Data Project" dialog appears, in which he needs to give the project a name, and then choose a location to save the project.  However, he is stuck at this step.  Regardless of where he tries to save the project (desktop, etc.), he is met with a message saying, "Access to path...denied".  It's as though the software thinks he's trying to save the project in a restricted location.


He claims that his office network does not have strict security in place.  I got him to try uninstalling, then re-installing the SD Suite software, but that didn't work.


Has anyone encountered this problem?


Thank you.

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