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Windows 7 Professional and Visilogic

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We are having problems running Visilogic on one of our desktops.  It has Windows 7 Professional on it.  We have already tried un-installing it, disabling UAC, and then re-installing.  Sometimes when trying to run it, we get "The application is already running" or "Runtime Error" then it shuts down.  A few times it did open, but when trying to go to another program, it crashed and would not re-open.  The PC has Avast virus software.  Our network has recently been changed so that we log into a domain.


Anyone have any suggestions?





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En algún momento VisiLogic se bloquea, pero su proceso no se cierra correctamente.
Abra el Administrador de tareas, cambie a la pestaña Procesos y elimine el proceso VisiLogic.exe * 32.
Si tiene algún proyecto abierto antes del crach de VisiLogic, comprométase a restaurar el proyecto.
* VisiLogic guarda una copia del proyecto abierto para restaurarlo en caso de craqueo de VisiLogic.
* Siempre edite el proyecto en el disco local, no en el disco en clave, no en el disco de red.

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