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"Store in Array" ladder element


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I defined a Tag named:

       Dd, from type UINT16[0...7]

I  putted there: 

     Dd[0] - System RTC Time Seconds.
     Dd[1] - System RTC Time Minutes.
     Dd[7] - System RTC Date Day of Week.

In "Store in Array" I can only set all Dd, not different elements of Dd. Obviously I can use Ladder Element Store for every one but it is silly. Is there a more elegant solution?

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Unistream and its IDE Unilogic are brand new products that are still undergoing major improvements. Unilogic help file is under construction and every day more information is available. For help regarding Unilogic functionalities I recommend watching videos in Unitronics Youtube channel or contacting us directly at support@unitronics.com


Regarding your questions:

1. Working with Date/Time variables in UNilogic is a bit different from Visilogic. Store to Array will not work for these functions. Try using the Schedule FB from RTC menu instead.

2. Reset Numeric function will be added to the next version of Unilogic. In the meantime use the Store function block.

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