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The engineer in me says this is likely to be possible, but complex and time consuming to get it working.  It is certainly not a built-in feature of the V570 or Vision family of PLCs.  If it could be made to work it would be difficult to support.  The businessman in me says no, don't do it.


Some alternatives could be, depending on what you are trying to achieve and what your limitations are:

  • Use an SMS modem on the PLC and send to an SMS-to-email gateway.
  • Send emails from the PLC and send them to an email to SMS gateway
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You can utilize Email to SMS. We regularly use this method for alarm notification. All carriers have formats to use. At least this is the case in United States. For example for ATT user sending an Email to 10digitnumber@txt.att.net would receive in SMS format on phone. The only carrier in US we have issues with is Sprint.

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