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I would like to start out by saying I am a beginner to plc programming. This is my first attempt at programming something. I have shocked myself on how much I have progressed at this stage thanks to awesome unitronics help files and their other learning resources. I have hit a wall however... I think I am having trouble with subroutines and their proper architecture. I am writing a program that is using a drum and it works great. The program also has a manual mode where I can manipulate common outputs that the drum uses. I am currently trying to switch subroutines depending on auto or manual mode.Things work ok until I start cycling power in different modes to simulate power intreruptions. I am hoping to start in the same state when power is restored. If I am in auto mode on or off it works. If I am in manual mode when power is lost...and power is restored.....im stuck and have to cycle power once more to enable automatic status. Any direction would be appreciated. Im sure I am not clear in my explanation of my problem so if clarification is needed.......I will try my best.

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