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Password field not working.


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If I create a password field in a HMI display, it doesn't update the tag when I input my password. It stays empty. I now solved it with creating a text entry in the HMI display and let it disappear once the password is entered. A working password field would be prefered instead of this work a round.





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Hi, the password element you've talked about does the other thing around. It doesn't insert the text you have entered into a tag, but rather validate the entered text with the value of the tag (You can define actions of Fail and Success to that element, so if the user have entered a correct password, then it will do something, for example, load a different screen).


The feature you are talking about is masking the text box. UniLogic is going to have a masked Numeric box in one of the upcomming versions, but I'll suggest a feature to also mask a Text Box if needed.

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