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Hello , first Unitronics experience for me, many hours of watching webinars and reading about.

I couldn't find how to make a button called ""Clean Screen" for instance that when is been pressed, the screen will freeze for some amount of time in order to clean the surface of the screen from dirt, dust etc.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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It sounds like you want the PLC to ignore touching while you clean the screen.  I don't know of a direct way of doing this but you could achieve what you want by changing to a blank screen (no buttons etc) for a set time and then return.  However, the PLC would still go into Info mode if you touch it for too long.  Maybe someone has a better idea?

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Geia sou Panagioti,


I can think of two ways to solve this problem..


1) Link a memory bit to disable mode property of all touch elements of your HMI screen. When your "Clean screen" button is pressed, use a timer to turn on this memory bit for a preset amount of time. This way you disable all your HMI elements on the screen. So even if you touch an element, it will be ignored.


2) When "Clean screen" button is pressed, load a blank screen which will stay active for a preset amount of time. When this time elapses, load your previous screen.

Note that when you touch an empty area for 4 seconds, PLC enters info mode. You can increase this time by changing the value of SI 50 at power-up (Its value is 4 by default) to avoid entering info mode.


Hope this Helps!

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This would be very simple to do. Create a blank screen and have an MB that is on when the screen is displayed and a pushbutton that calls the screen. Run a timer while the screen is displayed. If there are no touch elements on the screen, it is effectively "frozen". When the timer expires, call the screen you were previously on.

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