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Jazz JZ20-R31 and MJ20-ET1 over ethernet

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I am using Jazz JZ20-R31 and MJ20-ET1 I need information on how to implement the communication between PLC and PC over a local network ethernet. Can anyone show a program example, and command structure (ho to read memory integers, inputs or MB) to be send from PC to PLC. How can I use, for example, Ethernet Configuration in the Project Navigation in the U90Ladder



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Hi Unnsteinn,

I attached two sample applications to this post. Both of them utilize modbus over ethernet communication, one as master and the other as slave. These are good examples for how to configure local communication via Ethernet.

After successfully implementing communication, you can do the following:

1. Monitor and operate the controller with Remote Access (get the software from here).

2. Read and save operand data with DataXport (get the software from here).


For further assistance regarding communications or software please contact us at support@unitronics.com



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sorry the question layman, but it has difference in Ethernet communication "VisionPLC-ElipseE3" and "JAZZ-ElipseE

First of all, each PLC is running on a different development software platform (Visilogic for the Vision series, U90 Ladder for Jazz).

Secondly, regarding the Jazz series - only Jazz2 can be connected to Ethernet (via module), and it enables PC-PLC communication and Modbus/TCP connection.

Vision PLC's, on the other hand, have an Ethernet connection (via additional module) with 4 built in sockets, enabling multiple protocols networking (like TCP, UDP, Modbus etc.).

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I have been using the Jazz2 with the MJ20-Et1 for SCADA connectivity with an Android device. I am trying to troubleshoot some intermittent communication drop outs as well as intermittent inability to connect to the Jazz2 PLC. Can you please explain or point to documentation that clearly describes the following settings in Ethernet Configuration: Keep alive start time, Keep alive interval, and Inactivity timer?



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I'd like to undertand the following settings in Ethernet Configuration: Keep alive start time, Keep alive interval, and Inactivity timer.

I have communications errors between Jazz JZ20 and other device.

JZ20 is the master modbus ethernet. It communicates well with the other device, Jazz can read and write in the device. But sometimes communication drops out (SB24 turns off).  Many times, yesterday, in 8 hours, 123 times.



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