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reset current position DW


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Have you tried Storing a 0 to the DW?


Joe T.

Hey Joe: I don´t know if the new versions accept to reset or store 0 to HSC or current positions variables. I keep doing with math: DW X 0 = DW. First time I needed to do this I almost got crazy, cause the first thing you check is the logic you are using for the numeric reset or store, but the problem is not there. Maybe the Unitronics guys can tell us why is not possible to reset that type of variables (linked to HSC or current position).

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  • MVP 2023

I honestly don't know for certain.  I've been able to reset an ML associated with the HSC input but I've not played with the PTO current position register.  This is a question for the Creators - it's Pesach (Passover) in Israel right now so we'll have to wait unitil later this week to get an answer.


Joe T.

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