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I recently got a new laptop and I'm trying to save my projects from one laptop to a flash drive, so I can save them to the new one. However, when I try it keeps saying the following:


"An open project cannot be saved to a removable storage device such as a disk on key.

Once project is complete, it may be copied to such a device."


So I guess my question is, how do I make it complete, or how do I get around this?




Justin C

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  • MVP 2023

You have to manually copy the files to your flash drive.  Visilogic does not allow you to save to a removable device because it keeps a temporary file at the same location while the project is open.  


If you were to pull the drive with Visilogic running it would cause mass chaos, such as Windows deleting itself;  especially Vista.  And we certainly don't want that, do we?


Joe T.

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