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Meter reading


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Please help newbie!
My objective: to make the remote reading of water meters and electricity to a building using vision 230.
I wrote a small program to play with the meter and understand how everything works. But suddenly confronted with problem! The reading data from meter are not displayed. And I can not understand where i made a mistake.
Maybe there is a similar project example or someone can check my programm.
My meter telegramm:
Primary m-bus address: 00
Thanks a lot!


meter reading.vlp

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Hi Kycayca,

There are several problems in the application:

1. The function blocks COM Init and Protocol Config should run once on startup (use SB2 contact) in the Main Routine.

2. There is no correlation between the telegram described above and the definition of Protocol Scan FB.


Please send the exact specification for the message for further debugging

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