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This is my first post so I didn't have the time to introduce myself. Anyway I am starting my first project with a V570 and an snap in IO card in order to monitor and control the process of a drying oven. I viewed the corresponding webinars and I think I got the main idea about Visilogic (My previous knowledge about ladder and PLC programming is minimum).


Anyway when I insert a configuration PID FB in my project and trying to compile the code, I get the error mesagge that PID Config is not supported by Color PLC or/and V130-33. Am I missing something too obvious ? 


Any help is welcome,


Thanks in advance,

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The truth is that the program was at its very best beggining ( - |SB2| - PID Config ). So there wasn't much to send. Fortunately I already got a reply from Unitronics support and the problem is already solved.


The solution is that I had to use the functions blocks (for run PID, configuration, etc) from PID Autotune menu rather than the PID menu.


Anyway the project is proceeding and I am sure that I will come up with other questions for help and advice. So, stay tuned :) .


Thanks a lot for the interest Joe.  

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