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this is my first Unitronics PLC, and I have some problem with addressing range. My configuration is V1040 + EX-RC1 + IO-DI8-TO8. I want to read inputs from IO-DI8-TO8 on V1040. When I copy Vector MI2008 from EX-RC1 to I160 in PLC and turn on first input on IO-DI8-TO8 value I160 in PLC is blinking (changing from 0 to 1 and then from 1 to 0). I tried to change address of data location in STRUCT block, the first good vale was I200. Is this memory area from I160 – I 199 reserved for same reasons? I don’t have this problem with outputs, I can use output number O160 and first output on IO-DI8-TO8 is turning on.


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as I had a similar condition in the past.   When the struct is placed directly on the rail this ensures it will run every scan.  When it is changed during a send command it can be problematic. In the past I have seen this condition generate a flicker to 0 as, if the struct is collecting during a send some values may be written as 0. It is also a good idea to use this contact in the vector  copy and compare as well.  This had cleared the condition I had with similar symptoms in the past.

Please let us know if this solution works well for you.




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