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Hello everybody, I'm pretty new to PLC, Unitronics, Ladder, etc.. I'm facing a weird behavior when I use the same key in different displays, I've read the topic "Key interference" and I followed the advice of loading HMI from ladder rather than display jumps (was my first attempt). So here it is, I use 2 keys in my Main Display (F1 and F2), F2 loads an HMI display called "Desplegar", it loads fine, this display use 2 keys (F2 again and ESC), when I press F2 it jumps back the Main Display after setting a MB, so the same happens when I press the ESC key, in this case, the MB is not set, so far so good, but, after being back in the Main Display, if I press F2 to go back to "Desplegar" display, I need to press it twice for the display to load, but, this happens only when I pressed the ESC key in "Desplegar", if I pressed the F2 key then it loads the "Desplegar" display right away.

Well, that's my problem, now, what I'm trying to do actually, is a navigation screen for a DataTable, press F1 to go 1 item back, press /- to go 1 item forward, then if the operator finds his item, he press F2 to select it which loads back the main display and the display now shows the item selected. This is supposed to be fairly easy, but as I said, this is my first project (and I hope not the last one) with Unitronics and PLC.

Some advice?

Thank you!.

Dobladora varilla 1 - Navegacion.vlp

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