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How to use the schedule block?


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For the schedule function in UniLogic, you will have to create a "Schedule" struct.  Within the Schedule struct, you will be able to choose the start year, end year, month, day of month, day of week, start hour, and end hour you wish to have your process run.


Please let us know if this helps.

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I would make the "from hour" vector contain a 0 for the seconds, a 0 for the minutes, and a 0 for the hours.  That would allow this schedule block to pass a output at 12:00AM.  Then I would have a set coil after schedule block to set the bit you wish.  


In order for it to work again the next day at 12:00AM you must reset the bit and fill in the "to hour" vector.  In the "to hour" vector, I could set it up to stop at 00:00:01 (12:00:01 AM) since you do not need any logic output from the block once you have set the bit you wanted.


Please let us know if this helps.  

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I am attempting to sort of the same thing with an alarm system. Lack of documentation has hindered me.


I have four digital schedule element on the HMI. One is the time to activate on weekdays, one to deactivate weekdays, one to activate Saturday, and one to deactivate Saturday. I have tried multiple different ways to configure a schedule block on the ladder with none working as I want.


Does a schedule block allow power through between the from hour to the to hour or does it give a pulse at each time to toggle a bit?


How should I preset the days of the week each schedule block will run without any user input? Should I set the power up/initial value to 1 for each day? If years and months remain blank will the block run every month of every year?


I want the "Armed" bit reset Monday through Friday at the time entered in digital schedule element for deactivate weekdays, set Monday - Friday at time set for activate weekdays, reset on Saturday at time for deactivate Saturday, and set Saturday at the time for activate Saturday. I also want to be able to toggle the "Armed" bit with a toggle coil.

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